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IAM Thumbs Up campaign

The ThumbsUp campaign is a road safety initiative from IAM RoadSmart running throughout August 2018.

Its aim is to get members, their family and friends engaged in helping promote, encourage and acknowledge great riding and driving by giving a big Thumbs Up to anyone showing it.

It will also help extend and reinforce the general public’s awareness of IAM RoadSmart’s status as a charity.

We have pens, stickers and badges and BIG thumbs up hands that children (and adults) will happily wave at you when showing off your great riding and driving skills.

By running throughout August it allows all members of the public to get engaged and proceeds from the sale of any pens, stickers, thumbs will be ploughed back into road safety activities.

So, over to you to:

1) Demonstrate your own great riding and driving skills (as a lot of us motorcyclists also drive cars).

2) Promote positivity on the roads and create a fun, enjoyable feel when travelling.

3) Get a sticker or two for your bike / car to show your participation.

4) Get your family and friends involved.

5) Spread the word.

Check out

Tag any posts on social media with

#ThumbsUpForGreatRiding or


And include @IAMRoadSmart

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