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Insights into Advanced Motorcycling book

‘Insights into Advanced Motorcycling’ – by Andy Slater

Andy Slater, chairman of Thames Valley Advanced Motorcyclists, has produced a useful book of insights. It clarifies aspects of advanced riding that individuals going through the IAM RoadSmart Advanced Rider Course are often reluctant to ask about. It’s also a great introduction to the Advanced Rider Course for members of the public who want to know more. If you would like to buy a copy directly contact [email protected] or place an order with [email protected] to add to a bulk order. The books cost £5 each with a percentage of proceeds from sales going to bike charities such as The Bike Experience and The British Bike Relief Fund.

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IAM RoadSmart Poor Weather – Tips for riding in inclement conditions.

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IAM RoadSmart How to pick up a motorcycle – How-to technique if your pride and joy ends up on its side.

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IAM RoadSmart Filtering – Techniques for safely slipping through the traffic.

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